The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is a mainline Protestant Chrisitan denomination in the United States. Part of the Reformed tradtion, it is the largest Presbyterian denomination in the U.S. With 1, 952,287 members and 21,064 ordained ministers in 10,657 congregations at the end of 2011, the denomination is the most visible and influential Presbyterian denomination in North America. Denominational offices are located in Louisville, Kentucky.


A brief History of Presbyterian Church (USA)

Presbyterians were among the earliest Reformed immigrants to America. They settled up and down the east coast, and began to push westward into the American wilderness, founding congregations as early as the 1630s. In 1706, seven Presbyterian ministers met in Philadelphia and formed the Presbytery of Philadelphia, the first Presbyterian presbytery in the New World. The clergy assumed the freedom to organize and the right to worship, preach and teach, and to administer the sacraments. Growing population and immigration caused the Presbytery to organize the Synod of Philadelphia in 1716. The church began to develop its own indigenous leadership and educational, mission, and charitable institutions, as well as to experience its first internal conflicts.
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Tully Memorial Presbyterian Church is part of the Presbytery of Philadelphia.  The Presbytery  has  134 congregations, 2 new Church Developments, 4 Immigrant Fellowship groups, 1 Missional Faith Community and 3 Community Ministries with open doors located in the four counties of Southeast Pennsylvania. There  are close to  40,000 members with more than 375 minister members serving in a broad variety of ministries here in the metropolitan Philadelphia area and around the world.

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The Presbytery of Philadelphia is part of the Synod of the Trinity. The mission of the Synod of the Trinity is to provide support, resources, and nurture to its presbyteries as they seek to be faithful to Christ’s commission in their support of vital, mission-oriented congregations. In addition, the Synod will initiate and carry out Synod-wide mission in light of larger mission strategy of the General Assembly.

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