In November 1908 the Presbytery of Chester decided to organize a new congregation in Sharon Hill, PA at the request of the Presbyterians living in Collingdale. The Presbyterian Church of Sharon Hill was organized in the Sharon Hill Borough Building. In 1912 the presbytery approved changing the name to Tully Memorial Presbyterian Church in honor of Rev. David Tully, the first moderator of the session, and friend and helper to this congregation. Also in 1912 at the age of 94, Rev. Tully took part in the groundbreaking for the first building of the church at its current location. In 1924 the church purchased land in Darby and Ridley Townships and built Tully Memorial Country Club to honor the members who were veterans of World War I. The club would have 87 acres and would include an 18-hole golf course, tennis court, swimming pool, baseball diamond, and picnic area available to church members and the community. It also had a clubhouse, which provided employment for some of the current members of the church. In 1950, the land was sold to a developer and now there are apartments, houses and a catholic church on the former grounds of the country club. With the additional money the church was able to expand at its current location, which was necessary due to the growth that took place. In 1960 there were 827 members with 637 pupils in the Sunday School. Much of the growth came about as Presbyterians moved out of Philadelphia to the suburbs. The church would be remodeled in the mid 60s adding great beauty to an already glorious sanctuary. By the 1980s the membership had shown a significant decline. This was due to several factors such as people continuing the flight farther and farther from the city, and a large Roman Catholic population. From 1911-2000, Tully had three pastors who had pastorates of about 30 years each. Since that time, Tully has had an Interim Pastor, a Solo Pastor and Stated Supply Pastors. Each of these men has brought their own gifts and abilities to this church.