What to Expect

You will find that the community of Tully Memorial is very diverse.  The senior members of our congregation, for the most part, have been born and raised in this church and neighborhood. Their children have moved out of the community but the parent(s) have remained in their homes and their church.  For most, their spouse has passed away.  This group is English-speaking and primarily caucasian although there are some African Americans as well. We then have a newer, younger group of members who are primarily of African decent and speak Ewe and French as well as some degree of English. Most of this group consists of families with children of all ages. Together we form a unique gathering of Christians whose united purpose is to worship and serve the Lord so you will feel very welcome. Come dressed however you feel comfortable. You will find some  people dressed casually, while others wear their Sunday best, which might include beautifully colored African attire. Most importantly, Come In and worship with us!

Where should I park and where do I enter the building?
When you first arrive at Tully Memorial, you will want to park in the parking lot. The entrance to the lot is off of Chester Pike between the church and Sharon Hill Park. If the lot is full, use parking at the shopping center across the street. Once you enter the church, you will be welcomed by one of our greeters.

What is the worship service like?
Our Sunday morning service begins at 11:00am and is led by our pastor, spoken in  English, French and Ewe. It usually begins with a welcome and an opening prayer. After greeting one another, we move into a time of music and prayer, followed by three brief sermons – the first in English followed by French and Ewe. We collect an offering, providing an opportunity to give back to the work of the Lord, if you are able. We end with singing a final hymn and receiving a blessing. A normal Sunday service usually lasts for one hour. We share communion the first Sunday of each month.