Ewe Immigrant Faith Community

With a large number of African Immigrants in the area, Tully Memorial started a ministry for those from Togo, Ghana, and Benin whose native tongue is Ewe. Tully’s current Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Komlan Ezunkpe, originally came from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Togo, and would lead the EIFC in separate services each Sunday.

At the November 2010 meeting of Philadelphia Presbytery the Ewe Immigrant Faith Community was received as an Immigrant Faith Community. While the EIFC will still be a ministry of Tully it will now receive the aid and support of the presbytery as it continues its work in service to African Immigrants who speak Ewe in the Philadelphia area.


Tully Memorial announced with great joy that Pastor Komlan was received as a minister member by  the Philadelphia Presbytery on March 3, 2011.       

Through most of 2013, services were combined and our English-speaking pastor would lead and provide a sermon in English and Pastor Komlan would also provide a sermon and parts of worship in Ewe.

As of September 15, 2013, Pastor Komlan is the sole pastor at Tully – officially identified as a Multi-cultural Presbyterian Church. There is now only one service held at 11:00am for all. Services are provided, including the sermon, in both languages.  All are welcome!